CANNABISFORUM. Medical Cannabis Forum.

More and more countries are regulating the use of medical cannabis. The exit from the IV list of narcotic drugs of the United Nations, the evidence of its usefulness in multiple therapeutic targets, the existence in Spain of an environment with scientific quality, climatic conditions, specific agronomic knowledge and developed and experienced industrial suppliers, make Medical Cannabis a great business opportunity and wealth generation. Cannabisforum aims to become the international event of reference in Europe.

Cannabisforum provides the unique opportunity to access insider market information, capital investors and companies interested in the cannabis market. We organize a series of meetings to bring together accredited international investors with companies seeking capital.

Cannabisforum was created to discuss and clarify doubts about the regulations applicable to the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes in Spain and Europe. This conference will be attended by international and local experts in the field of medical cannabis who will offer an overview of the European market and address aspects such as the applicable regulations and the expectations of the authority in licensing inspections. As well as business and investment possibilities.